Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions that we get asked quite a lot, with answers.

Q. I already have balloons that I bought from somewhere else. Will you be able to fill them with helium for me and how much will it cost?

A. We may be able to fill your balloons that have been bought elsewhere. However, we do see lots of balloons that have been purchased from Amazon shops or eBay stores that are faulty, and which cannot be successfully filled. The cost of filling a balloon is proportional to the amount of helium it takes to fill it. This is typically around £1.30 per standard 18" round foil balloon, or £1.25 per 11" latex balloon. Larger balloons will cost more to fill and we may need to see your balloons before we can quote accurately.

Q. Is it cheaper for me to buy a helium cylinder that I can use to fill my own balloons?

A. Probably not. If you just have a small number of balloons that need filling you would have to buy the small disposable cylinder for £19.99. If we are able to fill them in the shop for you, you will only pay for the gas we use.  A disposable helium cylinder is useful for filling balloons that can not be filled in the shop, either due to their large size, or because of the type of balloon being used such as small confetti balloons.

Q. Can you fill my confetti balloons with helium for me?

A. Sorry but we can't fill these in the shop. Large 3ft balloons don't fit through the door, and 12" confetti balloons have a short float time so need to be done just before your occasion.

Q. Will it be cheaper for me to make my own balloon arrangements or get you to make them for me?

A. It usually works out a little cheaper if we make your balloon arrangements for you. If you fill 11" latex balloons from a disposable helium cylinder, the helium cost per balloon is about £1.33. We charge £1.25 for the helium, per balloon, when making balloon arrangements in the shop. Take a look through the website and you will see that our balloons are also competitively priced. We don't charge extra for making balloons into arrangements.